Why Use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking?

Have you had enough of the smoking habit? Maybe you dislike the smell on your clothes, or want to set a better example for your children. Maybe you are frustrated that you cannot get cigarettes out of your life. For many hypnotic suggestion is the easiest and the only way to stop smoking. Your conscious mind, or ‘will power’ has a relatively small capacity. The subconscious mind is based on years of belief and habit. The beliefs in the subconscious mind will cause the conscious mind to create excuses and rationalize why waiting one more cigarette, day, week, month or year does not matter. 

Your subconscious mind is strong but it CAN change! Once the subconscious mind has set a course of action it rarely let’s you stray from it. This is why you say to yourself, “just one more day.”  Through hypnosis you tap into the power of the subconscious mind and let it take a new identity, one where you no longer smoke. When you have done that you will become a non-smoker. Anytime the thought of a cigarette or tobacco enters your mind, you easily dismiss it. 

When you come into the office you can expect to be hypnotized and leave a non-smoker. 

Smoking Cessation Plans

Genesis Hypnosis offers 2 smoking cessation plans available depending on your needs. Call today to see which plan is right for you!

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Group sessions to quit smoking? No way! Not at Genesis Hypnosis. In my experience an individualized one on one approach yields more consistent results than the ‘shotgun effect’ of a group setting. My goal is your SUCCESS.

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