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​Genesis Hypnosis ​brings you compassionate, professional and confidential hypnosis services. ​​Sessions are provided for issues commonly associated with hypnosis, but ​also ​for concerns that many do not realize can benefit from hypnosis. Many clients deal with relationship, sleep, confidence and motivation issues. Other clients ​desire to end habits such as nail biting, stuttering, and ‘picking’.  Hypnosis for stress and nervousness related physical symptoms is ​also effective. Not sure if hypnosis can help you?  If you think we haven’t heard of it, you may be surprised. Give Penny a call at 769-241-0888 for a free consultation

​Quit Smoking


Mental Focus/Sports/Exams

​​Surgery Preparation

​Chronic Pain/Migraines

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to prepare for my surgery. I have been able to feel more positive about having the surgery as well as the outcome. Of course it is scary to go through, but I know I have some tools to deal with the fear and pain. I am feeling calm most of the time now and my surgery is only one day away. I hope to continue the calm and comfort as I go through the surgery and continued healing of my recovery. Thanks for helping me to prepare so well.”

Cheryl W. 

“Ms. Chiasson, Thank you so much for helping my mother. I will be eternally grateful for this miracle. Leslie Musamano. [Her mother was a 40+ year smoker and quit in 1 session.]

Leslie M.

After working with Penny I have major relief with IBS. I can lead a more comfortable and productive lifestyle after the relief that came from my sessions with Penny. It was a very positive experience. As a former skeptic of hypnotherapy I would highly recommend Penny and her program as it lead me a happier, healthier life.

Aiden M.

Having suffered from chronic neck pain for a long time, I started these therapy sessions as an alternate to surgery. I was initially very skeptical of hypnotherapy having any positive effect on my pain, but she has utterly changed my life. Not only has she virtually helped me eliminated my pain, but the techniques she’s taught me have had the added side effect of also reducing my stress

Barb F. 

I have no idea what you did, but I’ve never felt better in my life. I’ve completely changed. I don’t even think about cigarettes. Why don’t more people know about what you do? More doctors should tell their patients about you. All these years I was smoking and nothing else worked.

Ron T. 

Wow. I just find myself reaching for healthy food now. I don’t even think about it. I never had that happen before. I’ve dropped a pants size and they are loose. It’s only been a month. I love how relaxed I feel.

Waneta L.

I have in the past had horrible issues with anesthesia with my surgeries which lead to much anxiety with upcoming surgical procedures, until I met you. For the first time I was not anxious, or sick coming out of anesthesia. I recently underwent a surgical procedure and was fortunate enough to meet with you ahead of time. You provided me with CDs to listen to prior to my surgery for relaxation and then ones to listen to during and after surgery. On the morning of my surgery I had NO anxiety and I was so relaxed I did not feel the need to take any [restricted by GOOGLE]. My blood pressure that morning was 112/78 –it is NEVER this low and I take medication for it.

I awoke from my surgery feeling like I was never under, I was alert and not sick and vomiting like usual. I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful experience this was. I think many patients can benefit from this and the hospital should set up group sessions for patients with surgical anxiety! You are wonderful!! Thank you for making my surgery a wonderful experience

Karen Gouin

I decided to try hypnosis to alleviate my depression that was becoming debilitating. This was due to an ongoing custody baddle I was in for my daughter. My situation wasn’t one I could walk away from, although I wanted to many times. So I googled hypnosis, checked out a few websites and picked the Genesis Centre and Penny, not really knowing what I would gain or relieve.

After the first couple of sessions, I started noticing less anxiety, and more energy, more enthusiasm and as siz sessions went by I was looking back at the situation I was in, which is more how I perceived it at that time, as really not that bad, and certainly not worth the worry or anguish I gave it. I can’t recommend Penny enough.”


I didn’t know what to expect from hypnosis and was skeptical. This has been the most wonderful experience I have ever had. I got my life back! Rejuvenated. Learned techniques that will continue to improve my health and goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Penny has been a wonderful coach and facilitator through this experience. My increased self-awareness is so worth this experience. Thanks!

Andrea H.

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