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At Genesis Hypnosis Services and Training, we offer a variety of courses and workshops for personal and business development, whether you are a professional hypnotist or someone who is just looking to learn hypnosis techniques to live a better life.

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Hypnosis Training

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Cal Banyan interviewing Penny about the move from anesthesia to hypnosis!

Hypnosis Certification Training for Professional Hypnotists

Become a Certified Hypnotist! This 10-day 100-hour in-person intensive training program is for nurses, counselors and other healers who’re ready to stop feeling overworked and underpaid and start creating a better life for yourself… and for those who need your help. Click here to learn more…

Online Courses for Professional Hypnotists

This is a self-paced course for professional hypnotist who want to expand their services and help people who suffer from chronic pain. Click here to learn more…


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