Be Comfortable Again

How does that statement make you feel? Do you think that comfort is out of your reach? You are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain syndromes. It does not matter if the chronic pain from an old injury, fibromyalgia, headaches, phantom limb pain, or pain experienced without a physical explanation, we understand that this pain and suffering is very real. The area of the brain associated with the hypnotic state is the same area of the brain that determines the final signal relayed for the recognition of pain. This is why hypnosis is a powerful tool in creating comfort. Case reports and studies have shown time and again hypnosis WORKS. 

Hypnosis for chronic pain works on many aspects of discomfort. Physical, mental and emotional stress is addressed. This stress “ups the volume” of the intensity of discomfort.  Fears are also addressed. Fear of pain has been clinically shown to INCREASE pain.  It could be considered the amplifier of the pain response and hypnosis can directly influence this area of the brain. Through hypnosis the client can learn to ‘turn down the volume’ and exert control over their discomfort and their conscious perception of it. Many clients report becoming pain free.

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